Affirmations: Vision For Self

l have peace of mind.

I claim peace of mind over my life today.

I have good fortune.

I will no longer believe in bad luck.

I Am deserving and worthy of all fortune coming to me.

I replace me fears and doubts with faith and trust within myself.

I do not run from confrontation, but I avoid provocation.

I stand my ground when necessary and handle all conflict with grace.

I remain confident in myself and will not allow my insecurities to cause lapse in judgement.

I do not envy, as I believe in myself.

I do not lead with greed.

I do not have too much pride.

I have a shield of protection over myself.

I Am safe in the arms of the spirit and my ancestors.

I battle my demons and conquer them.

I make wise choices in friends, and lovers.

I do not sacrifice my well-being.

I share and devote my love where it is reciprocated.

I do not compete, but collaborate where I can.

I make wiser choices for myself and my lifestyle.

I make wise decisions with my time, money, and efforts.

I do not spend foolishly and recklessly.

I make wise financial decisions and invest in myself, others, and my communities.

I Am open and honest about my feelings.

I make honest commitments, and follow through with actions that match what I say.

I understand before I judge.

I lead with courage and remain brave.

I will not be forced to choose.

I Am wise enough to choose for myself, and freely.

I love those that love me through loyalty, grace, patience, kindness, and without competition.

I Am not stubborn. I let things flow.

I hold myself and others accountable.

I love myself along the way.

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