7 No Non-Sense Boss-Miss Tips

Every year brings the perfect opportunity to RESET and align yourself with new goals, and set new intentions. Every year people create New Year Goals or Resolutions for themselves. Not only will people set professional and personal goals for themselves, but they may also want to recreate themselves in regards to character and personality. In the last year I personally went through my own spiritual death and rebirth. The spiritual death I went through shed all of the conforming I have done to adjust to being someone who worked for and pleased others. During my spiritual death I created a new visions for myself, and knew that I had to readjust who I am to birth the woman I needed to become for my goals to be brought to fruition. The woman that I am becoming is a woman in total control of herself. I am calling this woman a Boss-Miss.

As the New Year begins a Boss-Miss will be planning her next moves, and setting SMART goals for herself. She will have a plan and a blueprint for herself to achieve all of the success she desires. If she is a woman that at one point was not a boss, she will need to revamp herself in order to become the boss in total control of her life. This blog will outline a few tips for women who wants to become a Boss-Miss and a woman in total control of her life. I can assure that if you follow through with these tips that you will become the Boss you need to be for you to complete your goals.

  1. Stay True To Yourself: In order for you to achieve great success in life, love, and business, you will have to be authentically yourself. People do not respect those that pretend to be something they are not. When someone is not authentically themselves, people will not see you as trustworthy and will not take your word or deeds as bond. If you are the type that constantly seek validation from others, people can also play on that to their advantage. They will have you believe things about yourself that are not true. If you define yourself for yourself, you will DEMAND respect from others verses begging for their attention or validation. You will reveal who you are to them and they will have a choice to accept you for who you are, or exit your life. Staying true to yourself will also ensure that if you are planning to build new friendships and relationships that it will be based on who you really are which will make the bond between you and the individual(s) stronger.
  2. Go Independent: A Boss-Miss is a woman who can stand on her own two feet, and rise and fall as she pleases. She is not needy or co-dependent, because a Boss-Miss will take control of her life and not rely on anyone to give her what she needs. She is not absent of support, but she is not giving others the power to affect her livelihood. She doesn’t sit around and wait for others to save her. She is capable of saving herself. She is in full control. She independently pursues her goals, and uses the resources that are available to her for her personal and professional benefit. She may value partnership, but she will be fine with or without a partner. Going independently will also cut down on the time trying to vet people to work with, and also reduces conflicts that may arise with others. She is her own greatest love, and number one supporter. She is her own cheerleader. She is unstoppable. Everything she obtains she is proud of, because she obtained it on her own merits through hard work.
  3. Invest In Yourself: People will not always be supportive of your endeavors or stand by your side as you evolve. In fact, a Boss-Miss may attract many envious people that will be jealous of her drive and ambition. She may see resistance from others who do not wish to elevate her past themselves. So instead she works hard, and invests in herself so she can be successful. She doesn’t rely on others to do the work for her. She aligns herself with investors who believes in her and her craft. She thinks of ways to maximize her growth and her profits. She doesn’t align with those who are only comfortable with seeing her struggle. She thinks only in abundance and not lack, and everything she works hard for is then multiplied. When a Boss-Miss invests in herself, she may also inspire others> Others will believe in her and invest in her as well.
  4. Self-Care: A Boss-Miss is very ambitious and determined to pursue her goals. She will always be working on projects that aligns with her vision. A lot of her energy can be put into working and not much time for rest. This can also cause her also to be weary when things in her life are not moving as fast as her ambition. A Boss-Miss needs plenty of rest and self- care. She needs to set aside time and money to put into taking care of herself. She knows that in order to obtain success, she has to think of her health as well. A Boss-Miss takes very good care of herself, and takes out time to vacate when necessary. She knows that engaging in healthy and enjoyable activities is paramount in her overall happiness. A suggestion will be to create self-care plan, and take time out each day dedicated to some form of self-care.
  5. Move In Silence: As stated earlier in this post, a Boss-Miss may attract many people envious of her, or “haters”. These individuals may desire to sabotage everything that she works for. They do not want to see her succeed because it triggers their insecurities. When a Boss-Miss has her vision and goals in sight, she will need to think of strategies to move towards her goals. Others will be watching her waiting for the moment to strike against her. The Boss-Miss moves in silence and plans behind closed doors. The only time she reveals her goals, is when it is achieved. She has tunnel vision and doesn’t allow others to distract her from her focus. She continues to grind, and hustle behind the scenes, and when she achieves each and every goal: CHECKMATE.
  6. Create a Solid plan or Blueprint: A Boss-Miss at anytime can have a lot on her plate. She has big dreams for herself, and she knows her destiny is greater than herself. In order for her to remain focused, she will need to set SMART goals for herself, and work on time management. She is also self-preserving. She knows that when she obtains her goals, she will need a solid self-preservation plan so when she rises to the top she does not fall. She will create 1 year goals, 1-3 years goals, and 5-10 years goals. She will write down her step by step guidelines for each goal so she stays on track. She will compile a list of resources for herself so she knows where to go for support. She will create a support tree of those she can trust to support her when he is in need. With proper planning and a solid daily routine, she will be achieving her goals in due time.
  7. Give Back: A Boss-Miss is a hard worker, and does not want to attract any negative energy to herself or her goals. She wants to create good karma for herself so all the good she puts out can be returned to her. By doing this she eliminates any opportunities of herself or her goals being sabotaged. She knows that the world’s mission is bigger than herself, so she gives back. In giving back, she also attracts support from those she helps. Though some people may be ungrateful, others will admire her and will give back or pay it forward. She constantly surrounds herself with positive and supportive energy. If she is a business owner, giving back an also help her attract future customers for her business. Not only is giving back personally beneficial, but also a way for her to promote herself and her business. Sharing kindness with others, will attract people that are also kind to her. Giving back for good causes will keep her surrounded with love and good fortune for all involved.

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